How to write good plot

| I know mostly premise and characters. But how things should go i ve no idea on generating them

| just write, it'll come to you.
alternatively, do you have an outline? if you have a premise and the characters, literally write how the characters react to the premise. that's it

| >>937372 >how they react
thats a great way of putting it.
I guess my question is then
More of "how it happens" and i still dont know how it should work... no reference. No idea. Just assets and designs.... any more clue where do i go? Thanks

| >>937373
you write how they react, then how the plot reacts to them reacting. or you can type it. do you have any life experience? a window to look out of? what sort of reference are you not having? where are you having the problem??

| seriously I don't know what your major malfunction is. and shouldn't this be in /u/??

| >>937377 none of those. Especially it s a fiction. Technically i write what s not even real.

>>937389 ...how so? D is for doujins. Which is writers or indie. Feel free to move it.

| Try sex

| I would probably just try to compliment whatever assets you have rather than focusing too hard on the writing. Good writing just comes from exp.

Also >>926593 I assumed this was degen writing. Which would probably help to know if you want specific advice?

| Make just sure that it's very very big and it has a very attracting shape.

| If you have your character's fully fleshed out in your mind (like you know where they start and where you want them to end up) then you created a plot around that.

Ex. Ex-samurai who only knows how to fight and thinks life is meaningless without conflict. You as a writer want them to see there's more to life than that. You can have them meet another chara that changes the samurai's worldview. Or have an event happen that creates the.. >>

| << opportunity to change their world view. You can even have the samurai be a more static character and maybe the travel in search of conflict but meets people and experiences and by the end of their journey the samurai thinks differently.

Either way, you want to create a plot where the characters are engaged and interact with the world and vice versa.
If you haven't developed your charas enough, you can start there and think how do you want them to change during your story.

| >>937468 >>937471 >events
This is the actual problems. I cant just one click and generate ideas from my head without any good reason. Literally ANYTHINg can happen and it calls for a story. But a good story has to be sensible so... what to do of event that is sensible then?

How about just throw an apple to the samurai and have it suffer amnesia and suddenly finds life made of meanings?

| >>937496
yeah, that's an option.
the problem seems to be you don't know, or don't have, a story to tell.
what's the premise you have and who are the characters you've created?

| >>937505 i cant spoil it for you but basically there s the ending and they all have names. There are also conflicts and all the character take parts in it but while i can imagine how the actions be, i cant quite define the whole root of the problem...

Which contradicts myself since thats more of premise.

Yeah now this is a question of premise

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