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Chasity cages are overrated

| Like what is the point? Bottoms should be proud of their dick. And you can't suck them when they are in cage

| if you haven't worn one you won't get it. it feels so perfect having it there...

| clearly, your top needs to get you in one asap

| >>935876 I mean whatever my bottom wants I will allow but I just don't get the point AAAAAAAA

| Chastity cage is cute. UwU

| I guess its about the symbolism than the cage being physically being on your dick?

| that's a large part of it. and that it makes it harder to cum

| my last gf was obsessed with them and insisted I wear one. now I feel naked whenever it’s not on

| >>936472 wtf too cute

| >>936472 i feel little bit jealous xd

| Where do I purchase a chastity cage?

| >>936835 online but not on amazon. but if you're feeling adventurous you could probably buy one at a sex toy shop too!

| Да

| >>936835
there's a bunch of guides online, look those up. sizing and material is important!

| tfw can't find a cage with a ring big enough for me

| >>937483 have you tried my mouth? I'll keep it nice and secure. :3

| >>937484 oh no i'm not falling for that one! i'll be keeping my virginity safe from you tyvm

| >>937484 I uhh... Think that would defeat the purpose?

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This thread is permanently archived