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do pineapples actually make your cum taste sweet?

| if so, why?

| Why are you not starting an experiment?

| Eating tide pod also increase your IQ, go try it out.

| Try it

| Supposedly, yes

| Ask Pomu to taste your

| >>930366 can you explain this to non vtuber watchers? I see a lot of thisty comment about pomu in here, starting from licking her sweat to breed her. Is the vtuber just inviting this behaviour, or the fans are just avid sexual harasser?

| >>930403 literally just one g/u/rl.

| >>930403 A g/u/rl started a thread worshiping Pomu, and it quickly became a meme. One that became annoying quickly

| >>930403 its a forced unfunny meme from reddit

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This thread is permanently archived