i did it guys

| we're not at the stage of actually having sex but he helped me masturbate and gave me very sweet words of encouragement while teasing me... he played with me so much that i felt sore after but it felt so good >_<

| Try sex

| Which part is sore? Your eyes?

| >>930099 it's too scary!!! i've never done anything like it before,, he's never actually cum in his life ever so i'm scared of him being disappointed too :(

>>930155 my nipples, it tickled for a little at first and then i started to understand why people like having them played with

| >>930205 *fuck your mouth* there you done it now go ahead and fuck him up

| >>930205 he never cum? Damn, is he 10 or something?

| >>930301 he's just never been able to! he's tried but his dick is just broken or something it suuucks

| >>930303 try pegging him

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