Gelbooru moment

| >Tries looking into how to add an "or" function so I can chain or all the artists I find
>Cheat sheet says use ~tag1 ~tag2
>Doesn't work

Am I retarded? Is there a more normal way to get a search result?

I saved all the artists as seperate seaches which works fine but I don't feel like checking artists individually. How do normal ppl do this?

| btw I'm Pomu

| try sex

| Check the cheatsheet again anon

| >>929707 yeah it says it doesn't work on there but I was still kinda hoping,,,

| https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=%7bpenis+%7e+pussy%7d


Idk why I stuggled with that, I'd like to say I didn't spend hours looking this up but that'd be lying

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