Attracted to smell, degenerate fetish?

| I find myself being really attracted to the smell of my bf, like there will be times where I deliberately try to have him not shower before getting into bed. Of course sometimes it’s nice to be squeaky clean etc but sometimes I have this urge to say fuck cleanliness. TO BE CLEAR, the smell I like is the combination of the dry sweat and some hormonal funk, no disgusting smells like shit or piss. idk smell just really turns me on. Do some of you feel the same?

| Interesting side note: I have noticed that I don’t enjoy the same sort of smells as much from other men. Do men “smell” different? Or am I just projecting my feelings towards my bf. Aaaah

| It's pure.

| >>897837 every human smells different

| sounds like he's just a good pheromone match for you, which is just normal. but if you also have a fetish for that it's a pretty classy one to have imo

| Not degenerate, kinda cute actually

| >>897836 so what you're telling us is that you like boy smell?

| >>898239 Sure if the boy in question smells good

| Some boys just smell naturally really cute and nice

| >>5b8b16
that's actually normal and correct!
you are able to smell his pheremones and they are triggering all the right neurons in your brain

| pheromones are not real BUT liking the smell of someone you like is an extension of liking the person
pure and wholesome, now fuck their armpit

| >>898699 Fucking armpits? found the touhou fan

| make sure you tell him that you like how he smells!

| i want to smell a boy rn...

| Going for the easy baits arent you?

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