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Whats your take on dildos


| Ur mm

| Taste not bad I guess

| I love a good dildo. There's a handsome purple one in the back of my wardrobe that's brought me more orgasms than any man I've ever dated.

| >>897608 Basedddd

| I love my non human ones they're the best

| they're mostly too big. i am tiny and tight :(

| >>897619 mood, they gotta make small dildos for us tiny g/u/rls tbh

| zposter in a dildo thread? fitting

| >>897747 he came here for his daily dose of mouthfucking

| >>897736 >>897849 *fucks his mouth*

| >>897608 what do you mean "man"??

| >>898003 >>897608 What's a man

| >>898003
Is this the part where I'm supposed to make a Castlevania reference?

| >>897608
you do know that you are supposed to telp them what to do, right?

| Cute but scary. I bought a "small" sized one from Bad Dragon and inserting it was a nightmare. It was okay once I figured out how this shit works, but I can't imagine what it must be like to take the "normal" sizes.

| dildussy

| No choice for you.

| >>898901 finger yourself first to relax the muscle, use lube, and grab the dildo further at the tip if it bends too much

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This thread is permanently archived