Fun fact

| Average sperm have 37.5 MB of informations..
and average ejaculation have 200m-300m sperms.. which should have be around 7153 TB to 10729 TB.. So yes, your dick can transfer data faster than wi-fi..


| Another fun fact: there exists octopus with shooting penis


more fun facts are welcome

| snakes have two penises... or peni?

| No wonder Dorothy is so hungry for data

| >>896034 penisaurus

| A blue whale's average ejaculation releases 20 liters of sperm. Now you know why sea water is salty :]


| This is a lot of information to swallow.

| >>896058 OMG, really

| Проект школьной столовой???? В 2020 году такие будут в каждой школе! Никаких больше протухших щей и гадкой морковной запеканки???? Только сладкие забивоны, кралечки и мундштуки)

Завидуй, французишка???? Пыхтим назло всему миру????????

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