What dick size is considered short af,ok i guess, perfect, holy shit i cant. Only g/u/rls can answer


| if someone on this website ever managed to get close enough to a man to see a cock, it'd already be cause to celebrate. being picky about dick size is for people who are less desperate.


| Dicks are bigger when they are right in front of your face
Dicks are bigger when they are on short, skinny guys
Dicks are bigger when he shaves or trims his bush
Dicks are bigger when you are short af
Dicks are bigger when you can feel him throb inside you

| Nice poem

| Dicks are bigger when they are bigger

| >>0237c3 G/u/rl wdym bruh it makes em shorter (I've never seen a dick)

| >>895911 extremely based g/u/rl.

| About 50k long.

| >>896367 50k-chan?!!

| A true COCK lover enjoys DICK of all sizes, but most especially the one that belongs to their special someone. <3

| OP deliver the pp size for a more detailed tear down.

| ok im 5 inches

| >>896899 yo me too twinsies small cock gang gang bust down thotiana


| You might be surprised how little is suficient to have fun with. The smallest I've ever had was a mere 5cm — yes, cm not inches — but if the dick-haver knows how to use it that can be enough.

| >>896899
That's fine. 5-6 inches in average for a reason. Get much larger and it's bad get much shorter and it's bad.

| Shota chad doesn't need massive dicc to capture all the onee-chan in the world. No need to be insecure!

Same goes with loli stacies, dominating with breasts as small as mosquito bites.

| I'd just like to say as a large penis it's more effort to jerk it and the onahole market is not made for me.

| >>897519

having an excessively large dick also causes problems for the partner- especially a biologically female one. getting punched in the womb is not as fun as it is in doujin.

| >>897554
so, female?

| >>e0ae0a some people enjoy a bit of a cervix rub but to each their own

| >>897562
Yes, but a cis female in particular

| >>897519 true. Onaholes are always too small. (>.<)

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