Where the fuck do you buy ruin

| It sounds so fuckin hot and I really fucking wanna be dicked down while high out of my mind on it but I legit don't know anyone who sells it despite knowing people for weed, molly etc

How the fuck do you get this shit I need it so bad I will literally make it myself if I knew how to

| I've done it only once and barely got to do anything fun while on it, no sex or anything just felt good for a while until it was too much and I had to get off, my god I need to do it again it was so good

| What even is this ruin?

| >>895428 it's this new designer drug, my friend said they basically soak tobacco in this red juice and then roll it up into cigarettes, when you smoke it it gets you crazy high and incredibly fuckin horny. It makes even the tiniest touches feel intensely sexual and pleasurable, and apparently (I never felt this) it makes you very suggestible too, like that one devil dust drug that apparently actually exists lol. It hurt like hell when I came down but fuck it felt so good

| i can't find any links for it. got any?

| >>895567 OP is using a street name & by description most likely means GHB.

| the way you describe it sounds like molly...

| the way you describe it sounds like my cum...

| https://store.steampowered.com/app/1521780/Ruin/

| >>895569 oh... the roofie drug...

| Wait so my friend roofied me??? Can you even make a cigarette into a roofie

| Sisckers and pipisckers

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