Has anyone had seggs recently? Tell me for cookie


| I had seggs with your mo/u/th, because this question should've been asked on /d/ board

| >>895252 that place is dangerous, i dont want std's

| >>895253 it's dangerous to go alone, take this
*gives d/i/ldo

| *

| I love sex.

| Okay. I had seggs recently.

Give cookie.

| >>895443 here is your cookie, dear gurl

*fucks your mouth*

| >>895443 Here is your real cookie, that first one was made of a cummy dough

| I wish I could have sex nonstop until I died.

| >>896169
>death by lethal chafing
Not as fun as you might think, ngl

| >>896212
I don't care about the fun, I want to die of endless pleasure until my body gives out.

| I was raped by my ex boyfriend two weeks ago and I am not handling anything well

| Wtf, uhh... see a therapist, pronto before you really let the occurrence get to you. To the point you start hurting yourself. also report him, justice must be served. The world we live in right?

| Got to have sex a few hours ago. Got to sniff her pussy and butthole as she didn't shower for a few days as request. Quite pungent and heavenly might I say. Then I fucked her doggy and creampied her. Watched as my cum dripped out of her pussy with excitement.

| ... weirdo

| No, I have not had sex recently. I still have my virginity because I don't lose. Get owned pleb

| >>896810 As said earlier, please see a therapist, it's hard to convince yourself to do so but it's worth it. You do not want that memory just sitting inside your head with nobody to help you deal with it

| >>897688 I would but I rly don't have the money for it

| >>897816 *vomits onto your face*


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