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I don't think you can possibly understand how powerful my dick actually is!

| owo my BALLZ ARE UnDuLaTiNg!~ Please succ my BALLZ SENpie! Plz suck my uNdUlAtInG BALLSACK! ;³³³3 MY GOSH MY COCK AND BAAAAAALLLLLZZZZZ ;3³ undulating balls with a side of rock hard cock balls!

| uuughh, my balls are so heavy~~ i can feel them swelling already! so full of thick, pasty cum~! won't somebody please come help me?? i need someone to help squeeze out all that rancid dry jizz :3 someone to grab my ballsack and squeeze it all back out :33 i'm already full to bursting... can you squish them for me?? can you crunch down on my puffy heavy balls? stomp on my inflated, painful ballsack?? please~~??

| No, you big ugly bastard

| I love cock

| This is just sad, girl

| Bulging balls?~♡

| The ball goggles, they do nothing

| >>895010 are you thinking that your dick is so strong? and can handle this? *driving over dick by tank*

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This thread is permanently archived