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God I wish trans girls could be strippers

| Can't work at regular clubs cuz I have a dick, can't work at gay clubs cuz I'm too feminine, Jesus Christ I just wanna dance lol

| dance on the internet. but please keep for us a private danger/u/ club.

| >>893780 lol if someone bought me a pole do you think people would watch me cam with it ????

| >>893802 yes

| Probably.
Depends on where I have to ship the pole.

| Just become an old timey fireman and slip down that pole in the station lol. Secret stripper moment.

| >>893751
I bet you could find strip clubs that'd have you. There are enough men out there who are into trans girls.

| Get snip

| hmm..what ever! unlike you, I'm a real g/u/rl~ :3
and well-behaved enough to not do something like that >.<

| >>893751 jump off a bridge and die tranny fag

| >>893867 ...I'll get back to u when I move out lol I'm sleeping on my friends couch rn

>>893878 yeah prolly in a place like LA or new York or Vegas but I live in Oklahoma city lol

| >>895261
There are midwest support groups that can help you find a place, or you can get a partner to support you.

| >>895914 what support groups are there? Also the partner thing is easier said than done lol, not like I'm I'm not trying tho

| >>895949
There on the facebook and snapchat and telegram. Not in the midwest so I don't have their contact info.
And it's super easy to get a partner, it's just hard to get a *good* partner

| >>896216 lmao got that right. Fuck my love life I'ma only date for money from now on

| That's how you get trafficked, and that's not worth it

| >>896375 eh nothing that's not already happened

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This thread is permanently archived