Thoughts on prostitution

| What are ur thoughts on it? As a sex worker myself I'm interested. I personally think it's fine, obviously, it's something with a demand that will always be met regardless of laws, and laws against it just make it more dangerous, so they should just get rid of all the laws against it. They'll prolly never do that tho, but that would be ideal.

Do y'all agree? Do you think it's moral? Any hot takes? Lmao

| Moral? No, not particularly. But I'm not against it, I just would not do it myself. Be safe, sane and consensual, try not to catch anything, and don't make your identity revolve around what you do for cash.

| Morally I think it's a job as any other, and the laws against it have no positive effect and only make the work more dangerous as OP said

| demonizing sex workers is a quick and easy way of getting yourself the type of underclass that conservatives love to have, so nothing will change on the legislative front until we run every single one of them through a wood chipper
sex work is valid work

| I guess the only hot take i have about it, is that having an OnlyFans or similar is still prostitution. Sure, guys aren't paying to have sex with the girl, but they are paying to pleasure themselves with her body. Times change and so does professions and how they work and are executed thanks to the internet. FYI by no means I'm saying it's bad because of it, just saying that I call it for what it is.

| >>893611 based

| >>893617 I mean, OF is definitely sex work but it's categorically not the same as prostitution

| Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, and watch the money start flowing. In our modern day where every man is scared of MeToo and every girl has an onlyfans, there's nothing to lose

But seriously, imagine the tax money it would generate

| >>893774 how would you want to regulate it? I'd honestly be worried that regulating it could mess things up for a lot of people more so than just decriminalization would

Also fun fact, escorts usually do pay taxes, they just declare the income source as something like "consulting" etc. It's less hassle than getting audited, even tho it's shitty that we have to pay the government money that they use to hunt us down

| >>893801 I dunno, I don't speak legal/bullshit. Have a brothel run by a shrewd businessman who has licenses from Mr health inspector and the local government and all that? It's a business like any other, but instead of eating chicken sandwiches, you eat cum

| >>894223
This. Legalization and regulation not only legitimizes, but provides protections and cuts down on human trafficking.
And people pay attention when the sex workers go on strike ;p~

| Is it a job? Yes
Should it be legalized? Yes
Would I hire them? No
Is it a normal job? No
No matter how much you legalize it and make it safe, parents and teachers will be upset hearing kids wanting to grow up to be a prostitute.

| I have fucked prostitution's mouth

| It's the oldest profession for a reason; moral or not, it's never going anywhere. Personally, I think it should be legal and regulated. That said, given how people conflate their self worth with normal jobs, I can see how prostitution could really fuck someone up and don't think anyone should do it.

| Sex work is real work. Legalize regulate and protect.

| >>895653
If it's real work, then it's taxed.
The IRS requires you to report income gained from non-legal activities as well as legal ones.

| People are going to fuck for money regardless if it's legal or not. So, why even fight some whore selling their body for some quick cash???

| Sex work is literally so important to me. Without it, I'd either still be with my emotionally/physically/sexually abusive partner or straight up homeless. Even doing just one or two John's a week meant a few hundred more dollars every week, and when you're saving up for a down payment on a car or apartment, that shit adds up. I'd probably be dead without the extra money. The experience definitely made me more self reliant and independent which I think made leaving him easier

| >>896188
Will it still be worth it if you get AIDS?

| >>896354 no. But I use protection and nowadays take fewer clients at a higher price which is safer. Plus according to a study, prostitutes have a lower chance of having STDs because they're more aware of the risks and likely to use protection

| >>896374
>higher price
Imagine paying for sex and still having to wear a raincoat.

| Only if I can talk about how good Satoshi Kon after segs. If anything that's the foreplay.

| >>896634 lol idk what Satoshi Kon is but tbh a good 50% of my job is usually just talking to them and listening to them before and after sex. It's kinda like being a therapist that you can fuck

| I'm thinking about trying to hire some women to fart in my face. What should be the price that would grant this possibility?

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