accidental anal is gonna ruin my relationship

| I lost control when we were in doggy position and I accidentally put my dick in her asshole.

It made her cry so much. It sucks so bad. I didn't mean it at all :'<

a week has passed since then and it kinda feels like we're just being.. really indifferent to each other :'<

We still exchange I love yous and ask for updates and all of that stuff, but it feels unnatural now.

We both have.. traumas regarding sex, and so that fuckup is making our relationship fall apart

| what advice can you give, anons? :'( I really really love my girlfriend and I really don't mean to hurt her so much :'(

now she's afraid of me, and just told me that she feels uncomfortable on the thought that she'll be alone in a room with me :'(((

it hurts my heart so bad :'(( it's if only I could turn back the time :'((

| i mean.

have you even said sorry yet?

| >>893543 of course I did. profusely. It was never my intention at all and it really just happened in the heat of the moment when I lost control and instead of putting it in on the right one, it slipped. It doesn't help as well that I was being rough so it definitely hurt her.

I don't know what else to do :'(( I know sorry is just not going to cut it :'(( she doesn't trust me now, at all :((

| I love sex.

| Seriously, talk to her about your concerns. Sometimes she just needs time to heal. And next time,have her on top sl if it slips again, it's her fault

| The way you say you 'lost control' is a bit sus. When you accidentaly (supposing it really was an accident) put it in her ass, did you quickly take it out, or thought 'screw it' and went to pound town anyway, ignoring her cries?

| I love anal sex

| I accidentally anal sex
Is this dangerous?

| >>893655

This is important.

| >>893663
Yes. Tearing, perforation, infection, among other things.

| >>893655 OP here, sorry for the changing ID.

When I put it in her ass accidentally, I immediately pulled it out. Not even a second longer was it inside her ass.

We were doing doggy, and I was about to cum, and I don't want to cum inside of her so I pulled it out, but my hips kept thrusting (hence why I said I lost control) and then it accidentally poked her butthole. I'm pretty sure I didn't go all in, but still.

| She cried and cried and I kept on apologizing but she wouldn't even look at me, or let me close to her :'((( I triggered her trauma, most definitely, and I so hate myself for doing that :'((( I really didn't mean to do it, and never was it on my plan to do so when we talked about having sex that day :'(((

| >>894001 uoghhhhh why don't you use condoms brugh......l

| >not cumming inside
But seriously, her trauma is not your responsibility. It was an accident, and she'll realize that eventually.

| Be more sad

| rip

| Go to a therapist together? She needs someone to convince her you didn't mean it, and it can't be you. No seriously, even if you manage to convince her, it'll be *her* convincing *herself* in the end and she'll bear the emotional burden of holding that belief. You need a third party to mediate this type of issue, take this from an autistic man who never had a purely 2-way relationship (friendships included).

| well, youre fucked. theres no way she'd ever trust you again. cheers

| What even is the problem? Seems like your gf is just a stupid cunt who gets angry at every little reason

| You didn't want to fuck her in the ass and you didn't proceed, right? Then yes, your gf is a stupid cunt. I'm sorry, but seems like it is true.

| By the way, I am Pomu de una familia nible Pomulia, and I have too much pain in my stomach from forgotten ligma balls. I had tried to build some edificios in culo

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