First day on estrogen

| This'll be my journal from now on, reporting to yall how it feels to take the titty gel day by day.
Anyhoo : The pharmacists were very kind, and everyone in my close circle of friends and family are very supportive.

| >everyone in my close circle of friends and family are very supportive.
maximum envy
good luck!!

| Congrats! <3

| Ноw about you start taking testosteron instead so you become a more manly man and don't fuck your body and brain with things your organism doesn't need

| >>893482 go back to kiwifarms
wait you can't lmao

| >>893483 not even baiting. Recently became curious why people don't even consider this option and start taking other genders' hormons instead of trying their own.

| >>893484 you're posting in bad faith and attempting to disguise it as intellectual curiosity
proverbs 10:9

| >>893489 ????

| >>893528 it was supposed to be an emoji btw

| >>893482 anyway why don't you consider this option

| >>893482
>Unironically asking this on this website

| >>893482
"polish intellectual" spotted. kys

| thanks to all the nice comments !
and as for >>4d97f6
because i do whatever i want thats why
you can't stop me bitch

| also, i really don't think putting more testosterone in your body is that much of a good thing for your health.
at least with estrogen treatments you get a healthy and normal amount of them.
but just adding testosterone to an already testosteroned body for the sake of it sounds extremly stupid (except if you have a medical condition ofc)

| its op btw

| >>893564 yeah whatever, just don't get a desire to jump into a window okay?

| Congratulations!
Keep an eye on all your relevant medical stats and good luck!

| >>893482 why bother being busybody and policing what others do? The suicide rate of LGBT community is higher anways, let it happen naturally, no need to bully and be a bad person.

| >>fa4221
dumbasses forgetting the suicide rate is higher because of transphobia, and the lack of access to proper ways to transition correctly.
Honestly if my friends and parents were made of people like you, wether i was trans or not, id probably kill my self

| >>893567 Doesn't sound that stupid to me. People with low iron levels in blood take iron supplements, so why not do the same with testosterone?

Anyway, hope it goes well to you!

| Anyway, second day !
Apparently the changes should start in 3 weeks or 3 months.
I can wait honestly, i'm very excited.

| so happy for you gurl! wish it goes well

| and for the bad faith one, f you, maybe all you need is a D to suck on and leave other people live their lives

| >>893640
Good luck <3 I hope it gets well soon <3

| Congrats! I started 9 months ago. It can be up and down sometimes if you let dysphoria get to you but it's mostly good. You'll make a very good girl.

| >>1b03ee
Do you remember if something happens during the first 2 months ?

The girl from starbucks just gendered me correctly without me having to say anything, got nothing to do with estrogen but its based

| >>893833 based based based based


| >>893833 incredibly based

| >titty gel
there's a gel version of E now? I've only ever seen pill and syringe. do you just spread it on your tits??

| >>a3557a
Only two pressions of gel on both arms per day for me for example

| Fourth day !
Found a new outfit, feeling like Vampirate

| >>894093
Great <3

| Congratulations, think back on this moment in a decade with the feeling of regret.

| Congratulations, think back on this moment in a decade with the feeling of regret.

| >>894093
Make sure to take pictures!
Not only of your new cute outfits, but of your face at least weekly, if not daily. The changes start slow, but if you have photos then you can really see the difference!

| >>24b685
what i said to yo mamma when she decided to keep you in the womb

| Day 5 : nothin much lol
>>d6c60c and thanks, i'll do that !

| >>894370 GOTTEEMM

| No, seriously, what are you doing to yourself right now at this very moment. Stop it while you can and become sane.

Start by finding out why you have an inner conflict to want to change yourself and commit to extremely insulting gender roles.

| >>894416 you're the one who sounds conflicted. do you want to tell us why you're projecting all that discomfort on some other poor g/u/rl?

| >>894416 based

| >>24b685
hurgh shut uuuuuuuuuuuup
"commit to extremely insulting gender roles" ?
i would have also taken part in gender roles even i didn't take the estrogen, i love wearing dresses and putting on makeup, deal with it.

| I have inner conflicts, and problems and shit, like everyone, but none of them coincide with me being a woman, i know that because i THOUGHT about it.
I'm not stupid, i know how to make choices, consider them, and then make them.
The only discomfort i have right now, is the one you are bringing to the table.
So if you don't want internet people to think you're an arse, maybe don't talk to them like they are possesed and in need of saving.

| >>e3df12 Sure. You can do the things you like doing even without identifying as trans.

>>894456 You think there's no connection to your problems, but you're trying to "fix yourself" on a superficial level. So you're happier living as a "woman" for a while, enjoy that while it lasts. And I'm sorry, I can't change your mind. But my concerns come from thinking about the future of this topic. High detransition rates and the emotional burden that comes with it.

| >>028e70
yup, sorry pal, you won't change my mind.
you want proof ?
i won't stop posting on this thread until i detransition.
how's that for ya ?

| we'll see who cancels who

| >>894466 That sounds retarded.
Anyway, good luck.

| >>028e70

| Oh no we can't

| sad day for trans people...

| DAY 6: if any transfem is reading, don't hesitate to tell me your experiences <3

| >>894416 Foolish human still cares about things like other people's gender and sexuality in this day and age, how about you leave your mortal plane and join the big girls?

| >>894488
I've been on hormones for four years and it was the best decision I ever made. I'm really happy for you, you've got so much to look forward to! Within a few months you'll be able to experience female orgasms, and it's almost worth transitioning for that alone~ <3

| >>f40470

| >>f40470 i always thought the orgasm thing was a meme
then it came
shit lmao

| I don't know much about this and I don't know any people who transitioned but I just want to say congrats on making the choice and good luck in everything

| >>c192a7
i don't know shit about this
how does it feel ?

| >>df6588
Thank you ! good luck on everything to ya too

| >>894571
Here's my previous thread on the topic:
Enjoy~ <3

| today >>028e70 made an excellent example of why we keep men out of the board

| >>f40470
this thread could make andrew tate transition holy cow
you are an amazing writer, can't wait for these changes to happen

| >>b88746
yeah, people like him are not g/u/rls.
btw about detransitionning:
trans people fully transitioning or having access to hormone therapy is hyper rare, but trans people who detransition ? even harder to find.
+ most people who detransition do it because being trans where they are could put them in very dangerous situations (have a friend like that) OR because they understand they didn't needed it (it's generally early in the process, so it's easily retractable).

| Also people like that guy from earlier are the reason why we need more trans representation in fiction, made by trans people.
my grandma stopped being homophobic/transphobic just by watching a tv show with BARELY DECENT representation of nonbinarity.
Of course i had to fill some holes, but in the end i'm glad to say i have a very helpful and loving family behind me.

| >>894631
Of course. I'm a buff dude 293kg, could break your bones easily but I'm not going to.
I'm just a g/u/rl that was trying to defend my opinion and I think my points are reasonable, but there's so much more examples of why the topic "transgender" is more regressive than anything. I think you can be how you like to be in every way without taking any dangerous measures (harming your body and society). It creates new problems to the point of frustration.

| Be thankful I'm telling you this since no one irl seems to want to break your delusion.

| I had a triple orgasm last night and came so hard I almost escaped Samsara. I'm dedicating my next dangerous body-and-society-harming orgasm to you, >>7a571c. <3

| >tfw no g/u/rl will dedicate your cunt-shattering orgasms to you

| *their

| >>a07734
your mom can speak otherwise

| >>894758 just let it be, man. Think of it as if gurls are making diary thread about smoking weed everday until she die.

| DAY 7
>>054326 i will smonk a regular ammount when i get access to it you have no idea

| >>894768 only this time a person makes diary about taking other gender's hormones until commiting suicide

| >>54b23c
Wait i will die of suicide ?
Then the number of days is like an highscore ?
Shit dude, should have told me earlier imma 100 percent thiq shit.

| I suck at speedrunning tho, sorry....

| >>894792 go go we're in it for you!

| >>7a571c nha, f you

| >>894760 Dude, you truly are a coomer. YWNBAW

What does "female" even mean to you? You have a fixed idea of how you want to be, but youre not even doing it decently. At least put in a little more effort if you have a standard you want to come closer to.

Most "transfem"-identifying people are degenerates like all of you

| >>7a571c
shes happy
you're mad
who's winning here ?

| >>7a571c
what the hell does YWNBAW mean anyway ????

| Plus, you're surely masturbating too. Idk if its a lot but you're doing it. Cis woman also do it.
But when it's a trans woman who gets the Hyper Cum Update, now you're on your high horses ???
Relax and jizz a lil maybe you'll feel better idk.

| don't watch porn tho, that shit will give your expectations of what sex is, imagine some stuff with your head.
if you're a mcnormal personwilliams, the scenarios will be more grounded into reality

| >>894825 Get addicted to THIS.
*fucks your mouth*

| >>894827 lol based

| >>a07734
now thats the kind of shit i like to see on this website

| >>894824 "You will never be a woman".

>>894820 I'm not mad actually - I would be supportive too, but I'm always thinking like this in the back of my head. I can't help it, sorry.
Most normies think like me but are too polite to express it, if you didn't know (maybe even the very ones you claim to be supportive of you irl).

| I meant to reply to this post for the first one. >>894823

| >>7a571c
so you acknowledge that what you are saying is mean bullshit but still say it because you're on the internet ?
honestly thats to be expected on this place lol
also nice try, i don't care if my closed ones think i'll never be a woman. im not even sure im a woman really. just wanna look and be seen like one a lil bit, i don't even wanna change my voice lol

| sorry for the double lol

| >>7a571c
>Most normies think like me but are too polite to express it, if you didn't know
do you have a single fact to back that up?

| my parents and family are just supportive because hey guess what ! they see im happier than ever that way. so if they think im a woman ir not doesnt really matter

| /it doesnt really matter

my friends are almost all trans people, nonbinary, transmac, so they know what im going through,
so im not afraid of what they see in me

| >>894857
>so you acknowledge that what you are saying is mean bullshit
No? I was expressing my honest opinion, especially because it's the internet.

>>894859 Yes: common sense.

>>894861 That's called social contagion. All of your peers are like that, so support is to be expected. I just assumed your friends were cis.

well, never rule out the fact that there's always some people that think you're insane, whether they tell you or not.

| >>894867 so you don't lmao
show me this "silent majority" and open their mouths so i can fuck them

| >>7a571c

| >>a07734
i'll join in pal

| >>894787 then what's there to loss if somebody on the other side of the screen is taking bad decisions that lead to their death?

| >>054326
exactly, yall should relax and enjoy the show, aint gonna stop soon

| >>894873
we're already here with the popcorn
thanks lad, much appreciated, I'm enjoying it

| >>894853
>I'm always thinking like this in the back of my head.
that's called internalized homophobia/transphobia. it's pretty common if you're not around lgbt people. most of the queers I know talked the same way you post when they were younger.

it feels a lot better when you have a place where you can let your guard down and be nice. I hope you will be congratulating people here soon.

| >>894875 bitch stop replying to the ID! that highlights everything that person posted. click the post number of the single post you are replying to so I can see which message it is.

| >>894495
Oh the girl cums are so amazing especially with someone you love <3
Very little for me beyond some really bad nipples sensitivity (working blue collar made bras 100% mandatory). I was also still in male T levels those first 3 months, though.
Nah, it's always that "post-nut clarity" that makes them hate life after jacking it to cuties.

| Day 8
Just received the va-11 hall-a vinyl set from fangamer

| >>895173 Shocking truth.

| >>895173 bruh-;

| >>895173 are you in kharkiv or smth

| theres some kind of power outtake in my street, and its still going ;n;
I went to the library tho, they have a vinyl player

| >>894921
what do you mean by working blue color

| >>895262
I was working a warehouse job for a furniture company. Hard labor, moving several hundred pounds boxes at worst cleaning trailers at best. I don't do it anymore but I did for the first 5 months I was on. Was my first job as a civilian.
At just you have that. I hope you get power again soon.

| DAY 9
Just tried wearing a chocker !
And no it's not a tied rope, sorry to disapoint some of you!
I tried two of them, and honestly it makes me feel pretty cool.
It's easy to put on and it gives you a girly plus.

| >>895483 Never tried a choker. Can you send pics? (Don't necessarily need to be pics of you wearing them, just the choker).
Glad you're feeling good wearing them~

| >>895484
sorry, you're going to have to search for what a choker looks like on google. Or try it out, whatevs floats your boat


| chokers are the best



| posting nothing has to be one of the best features on this place


| agreed

| Day 10
Nothin much today lol



| Girls in chokers, collars or leashes are very attractive

| 41.

| >>895889
girls are very attractive

| >>895996
g/u/rls make me cum


| Girls are made of cum

| Day 11
Any trans woman know good underwear for trans people ?

| >>896236 I just use regular microfibre panties. Ten bucks a pack off Amazon, the ones I've got have a subtle lace trim too.

| They make special gaffes if you find tucking uncomfortable.

| Day 12
Im going to receive the spamton plush

| Tits when

| Day 13
Tits when indeed...

| Never.

| OP is based and awesome-pilled. Now post a picture of your vampire pirate clothes!

| >>896710
Im not a fool i'm not gonna post a picture of my body on this site lol
Keep this for your imagination bestie, and that will be me

| >>896709
Alright folks you heard em, no more tits !

| >>896741 so you are just writing your schizo diary in here, huh?

| >>896779
really taking estrogen
i just don't want to share my physique to strangers

| Day 14
Changes: nothing
This is going to take a lil while huh

| It takes months for any visible change to show up, as far as I'm concerned.

| >>896741
no one asked for your body. just post the clothes.

| >>896741 no one asked for your posts. just post nothing.

| >>896892 i asked

| >>896892

| >>896869
I'm currently going through the same journey as you! It definitely does take a while. Since I saw you mention titties, the little titties didn't start until, like, almost two months, and there wasn't much visible anything there until about three months I think.
The big physical stuff is the slowest parts, but there are other little changes that'll be happening during that time. So, try to focus on those, and be patient! Is a big process for your body so it's not super fast

| Also, I like how >>4d97f6 was straight up like "I think roiding might be a better alternative" lol
"Oh, you're trans? You wanna take estrogen? Maybe try some hardcore bodybuilding first, might change your mind" is so fucking funny to me

| >>896985
Thanks for reassuring me lol.
You're giving me the courage and the patience <3

| Day 15
burber bing boot betuce

| >>896993
Of course! Is a big thing to go through and even with all the available info it's hard to know fully what to expect without having gone through it. I definitely didn't fully know lol, but it's super worth it and a hard but beautiful experience!
Keep keeping us updated!

| Hey OP, I'm (hopefully) starting estrogen in a couple of months, and I wish both of us the best of luck. We're gonna look so fucking cute and sexy and people are gonna think "damn, that girl looks damn fine" (respectfully) and it's gonna be awesome. Go girl go, get those tiddies!!!

| based OP actually continuing this thread after 2 weeks

| Day 16
>>897250 first off all thanks

second of all just found out i was probably going to gain weight wich is GREAT because i've been at 45-50 kg for 4 years (not even anorexic, just the way my body behaves)

| >>896869
Months. I'm currently at 10 months (I was the 9 months anon) and honestly I only started noticing stuff after like 2 months and things were only actually substantial after 6-7 months.
I was ana moding for a long time but luckily crawled out of that hole. Now on hrt my metabolism has tanked and it's been bitter sweet.

| What the fuck is happening? WHY are there so many "trans" identifying people nowadays;do you really think fulfilling the stereotypical role of the opposite gender will be the solution to all your problems?

| >>897448 kys boomer

| >>897448 "why are there so many x people nowadays" the answer is and has always been better understanding and acceptance, people who identify that way now know they're not alone and are able to express themselves

"do you really think fulfilling the stereotypical role of the opposite gender will be the solution to all your problems?"

They're not trying to solve *all* their problems so this is a flawed premise

| >>897453 can you stop engaging with retards please

| :)

| >>897448

| Day 17
and im still slaying
my neck hurts because i've worked a lot recently, so im taking a lil break and drinking my water

| >>897460 Exactly, you get me. now kys I'm gatekeeping my gender

| >>897474
i'll only kill myself in 8005, when my robotic body shaped by transhumanism finally finds peace in inexistence.
i'll sit by one of the rare flower that still remains, holding a wooden engraving of all of your posts.

| >>897461
go girl! slay girl! vibe girl!

| All this just reads like a cult... its really creepy

| >>897541 you clearly havent been on dangeru.us long enough lol this shits mild

| >>897545
Yeah sure but it makes me really uncomfortable. Like it hits all characteristics of a cult/sect which you would for example find in scientology or the likes

| >>897567
explain to me PLEASE what are the characteristics you see.

because if it's just people being nice to each other in regards of similar life experience, the thing you think is a cult is just something called empathy.

| >>897572
They're just trolling, don't engage. It's not in good faith or even something they genuinely think. It's just retards baiting for attention.

| >>897574
sorry, i guess im a lil naive. i mean, nobody could be stupid enough to think that what is going on is a cult,a cult is a system directed to a figure or an object.
however theres no system, neither is there a figure or an object (except if it's hatsune miku)

| >>897572
>because if it's just people being nice to each other ... the thing you think is a cult is just something called empathy.

This retort was spot on, girl. I genuinely chuckled too.

Someone being so disconnected from other people that they can't recognise empathy without confusing it with cultlike behaviour is so fucking tragic it becomes funny.

Continue slaying, girl. And never let the haters dull your edge. <3

| >>897576
thanks for that cult like behaviour bestie !
women being nice to me on the internet is a powerful fuel

| >>897575
Exactly. If anything being yourself and encouraging and accepting people who don't "fit the norm" is the antithesis of cult like behaviour, whereas trying to force people to conform to made up norms, denying science and wanting those who don't follow this strict set of nonsensical rules to die is, like, the definition of cult like behaviour lol
So, yeah. They're just making stuff up to annoy you. Just ignore the dummies and keep shining queen <3

| danger/u/ needs more cult like behavior tbh. we need to worship the maids more.

| >mfw this is a literal empathy box

| >>897618
+30 Dangerdonger credit score

| Hating on trans people on the va11halla website is like hating on basketball in a basketball court

| Day 18

| >>897704
Not a single tranny shows up in the game

| Ay, OP, out of curiosity, are you on blockers as well or just E?

| 1. Cults are attractive because they promote an illusion of comfort.

| Humans desire comfort, and in a fearful and uncertain world many turn to cults because they tend to promote exactly that. Jon-Patrik Pedersen, a psychologist at CalTech, has pointed out that cult leaders often make promises that are totally unattainable, but also offered by no other group in society. Such things might include financial security, total health, constant peace of mind, and eternal life — the things every human desires at the deepest level.

| 2. Cults satisfy the human desire for absolute answers.

| Many people join cults because they believe they’re being offered solid, absolute answers for questions such as good vs. evil, religion, the meaning of life, politics, etc. Many cult leaders promote messages that are simple and seem to make sense, the exact opposite of what we’re often provided with in typical, everyday life. New members are often found when individuals crave these answers and then are promised a simple life by someone who seems to have it all figured out.

| 3. Those with low self-esteem are more likely to be persuaded by a cult environment.

| People are often surprised to learn that those who join cults are, for the most part, average people. Many victims of cults are your neighbor, your friend from the gym, your family member. They come from all backgrounds, all zip codes, and all tax brackets. But research done in the past two decades has found an interesting pattern: many people successfully recruited by cults are said to have low self-esteem.

| Cults generally do not look to recruit those with certain handicaps or clinical depression. However, people with low self-esteem are easier to break down, then build back up in an effort to teach them that the cult is the supportive environment they’re looking for.

| Those that lack confidence and self esteem are far more likely to fall for a pyramid scheme that promises a better life or to jump into a religious community or religious group without much thought. They are more vulnerable and desperate for these life promises.

| 4. New recruits are “love bombed.”

| Once people have been recruited by a cult, they are often “love bombed.” This odd phrase is commonly used to describe the ways in which someone with low self-esteem is consistently flattered, complimented, and seduced in order to train their brain to associate the cult with love and acceptance.

| When someone feels unworthy of love, they are the first to fall for the false affirmations associated with love bombing. Unfortunately, cults often reach intense, unhealthy, and inappropriate levels of closeness and “love” when they are preying on the weak.

| 5. Cults maintain their power by promoting an “us vs. them” mentality.

| Cults prove powerful because they are able to successfully isolate members from their former, non-cult lives. One of the ways cult leaders achieve this is to convince their followers that they are superior to those not in the cult. This “us vs. them” mentality ultimately leads to cult members isolating themselves socially from friends and family. They replace those relationships with new ones inside the cult.

| 6. Cult leaders are masters at mind control.

| Cult leaders convince their victims to separate themselves from society, give up personal possessions and sometimes huge sums of money. They convince people buy into whatever they are promoting. To do all this a cult leader must be a master at mind control.

| (Relevant examples) Brainwashing: Cult leaders are known to repeat various lies and distortions until members find it difficult to distinguish between reality and cult life.

| Paranoia: To maintain a false sense of comfort, cults often rely on paranoia tactics. Cult leaders convince their victims that a group, their families, and/or the government is out to get them, but that the cult can provide safety. Once a cult member comes to the conclusion that their families and country cannot keep them safe, they begin to worship and put all of their faith in their cult leader.

| 7. Cult members often have no idea they’re in a cult.

| Although it can be obvious to those around them, people in cults often don’t realize what they have become a part of. Psychologist Dr. Margaret Thaler Singer spent most of her career studying the psychology of cults and brainwashing. She found that most people enter a cult willingly, without realizing the power it is bound to have over them. Singer theorizes that this is partly because some people are more willing to see the perceived benefits than they are the potential dangers.

| She also mentions that many people assume cults are only religious, though in truth, cults can also be political groups, lifestyle groups, or business groups.

| Cult life can have a dangerous and lasting effect.

| (8) Cult victims often spend years overcoming the emotional damage incurred during their time spent in a cult. Psychologists who treat former cult members routinely describe the long-term effects being in a cult environment can have on the human body.

| >>3de90d
nice vpn retard

| Aight time to debunk this shit

| >>897751
Who's the cult leader, what are they gaining from the "manipulation" (if manipulation there is)? Since when does being trans bring "financial security, total health, constant peace of mind, and eternal life" ? It's surely not bringing constant peace of the mind, because in life there will always be downs and lows (but being able to get rid of one of the lows is good enough).

| >>897753
Again, no trans person are searching for "a direct answers to their problems", this has been stated by multiple people on this thread already. You not listening isn't going to make things go forward.
They are searching an answer to A problem, and the solution exists so it's cool.
I'm not transitioning because it might solve my anger issues or my parasocial behaviour, because i know there are better answers to these problems.

| >>897755
Now the "Low Self Esteem" one is a pretty good try, not going to lie.
A lot of trans people experience low self esteem, thats true. But again, where is this pyramid scheme you are talking about, who is profiting from it ?
And also, the "you get in a group to reduce that low self esteem"/lovebombing issue you're stating ain't working, again because there ISNT A SYSTEM OR A LEADER. A guy who wears a dress and likes it will search on the internet what it means,

| >>897789
then he will find people who talk about it, and how it's how they discovered they were trans, BUT it doesnt mean all men who wear dresses are transfems.
Before knowing if they're trans or not, you'r unempathetic ass will be surprised to discover people actually think about it.

| >>897790
/your i know lol

| >>897762
I told yall before i'm still in good terms with all of my family and friends after i transitioned.
This aint working.
And i'm sorry but the rational reaction most parents might have when they discover their kid is in a cult is not to hate them, or kick them out of their house.

| >>897764
And concerning the paranoia thing:
Me ? I'm fine, i got free healthcare, and my family isn't trying to kick me out, but i know countless friends and other cases of people who WHERE kicked out, beaten or WORSE, because they dared affirm who they were.

| >>897768
You know what, you're right, i'm just going to consider all of this is ACTUALLY a cult, you've brought me no valuable proof, but the shrodinger's cat one is probably my favourite for how stupid it sounds. Also, of course cults are not only religious, but let's be honest here, who is abusing me ? And what are they gaining from me ?

| >>897771
Did you know ? I don't know how it is in the US, but where i'm from, before a trans person can get access to estrogen or testosteron, they must see a doc that will prescribe them tests. These test verify if hormone therapy can have a dangerous effect on them, and if there are, they either addapt the treatment, or simply refuse that this person can get it.
These tests are repeated multiple times over the course of the year, to see if the treatment should be stopped.

| >>897798
"But what if they find out they're not trans at all ?"
Detransition is rare, but detransition of people who just we'rent trans is rarer (https://www.gendergp.com/detransition-facts/).
Now i'm not really informed on how detransitioning physically works, but from what i heard, it's just rebalancing your hormones with, you guessed it, hormone therapy.
Of course, for physical changes, titty removing surgery exist.

| >>897803
Since i think most trans people who don't like having tities realise it when they start appearing, the surgery might not be really consequential.
And for FULL ON surgeries, like silicon tits or the vageges, getting these is already a fucking hard road (talked about tests earlier, there might be some psychological tests), but to realise you don't like them AFTERWARDS has to be one of the most rare things.

| >>897804
And yes, it's not because these cases are rare that they shouldn't be taken into account. But it's not trans people or the person who detransitioned who are to be blamed, it's a medical system that doesn't do it's job.

| So that's my response. You're welcome.

| >>897806
thats me btw

| >>897749
you literally can make them transition whenever you want in shovel of hope what do you mean

| >>897749
Did you actually play the game? Alma has a transgender brother (Bernardo) and there's an explicitly agender customer (Taylor).

| >>897872
They did play the game, and they do know there's trans characters in it. They're just saying dumb shit that's easy to prove wrong to bait reactions

| >>ef3c58
I'm sorry, kid, but what is you doin?

| Not saying that you can be a LGBT hater, but I think it is very possible that you can still enjoy Va11-hall-a while disliking LGBT.

It's not like there's your typical butch haired girl with multi color hair appear in the cover page or game intro saying "As a bixexual non binary bartender, I..."

Honestly, that's the best way. If you flaunt all your politics in the first minute of your game, it will filter a bunch of people that might be okay with your overall message.

| Badabing Badabong
DAY 19

| Jimmy!

| Day 20
Only one day until the funny day

| >>898154 why is sept 26 a funny day

| >>898158
whats 9+10

| I used to be supportive until I realized all trans people are mentally ill.

| >>898166 answer the question

| >>898211
whats 9+10

| Are you going to make a cavity in your crotch next?

| >>898248 Are you going to fill the cavity in your ass?

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