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Weird and or interesting Doujin plots?

| to start of I'll name a couple
Night of the Succubus by Samura Hiroaki
Not sure what went into his mind while playing darkstalkers that he made a morrigan doujin about a girl commiting suicide via Sucubus sex

[Konomi Shikishiro] Netoraserare
Bascally NTR tropes being played entirely straght(IE it feels more like a drama than porn)

| I remember reading this one about the MC walking in on his pops banging the family maid, pops passes away, MC bangs the family maid, and she reveals her true form as an evil cat girl who cursed the MCs bloodline because her love was one-sided. She's also the MCs mother. She's also the MCs granny, too

| That one about the guy with a detachable dick who gets bullied by delinquent girls until he levels up his sex skill to Bob Sapp level is top-tier

| There's an interesting doujin plot happening within this very /d/ it's called "I didn't know my sister was sus" OP makes little sister watch oreimo and Eromanga Sensei as she acts kinda sus around him. Best plot synopsis I could come up with.

| The mind control one.

| dowman sayman has made some in the past and I really recommend them both his nsfw and sfw stuff is great

| https://nhentai.xxx/g/399618/1/

| the "teisou gyakuten" series by amahara. A man is suddenly in a world with switched gender roles and stereotypes and becomes a prostitute

| >>890089 I remember this one it was really great especially loved how it was geared a bit more towards comedy

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