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any good rat/mouse girl doujins you g/u/rls recommend?

| also just any good doujin recommendation in general most of the sites I used don't help much

| O.O

| bump please for the love of gods i need rodent girl doujins

| Nazrin uoh ToT

| >>888395
Yude Pea has some good Naz doujins

| Why do you want to sex the rodentia monstergirls?

| >>888656 cause they're cute

| I love headpatting them right between their ears, and massaging near the base of their tails. Maybe even give the tail itself a light tug, if I'm feeling bold.

| >>889461 It really is the greatest thing you can do with them


| https://youtu.be/watch?v=vRbS76yp5Lk

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This thread is permanently archived