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It is decided.

| That's the greatest thread in this hellhole:


| Too long did't read, pls gib summaries

| >>888032 Some guy gets in a debate with a trans person and it's basically like watching a dumpster fire and I can't stand it because of dumb it feels to read the dude's response.

| >>7a5743

Read it. There are great moments like "as a man, she".

| OP this is a stupid bait

| I played the game and hate trannies :/

| There was a thread where people just posted nudes in like 2017 and I think it’s leagues better than transphobia but uhh.
Oh well

| >>888216
Yea, don't Imo the deal being trannies ruin everything once more, but I don't know enough to be certain of my judgement

| I love sex

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This thread is permanently archived