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fingers are so useless


| You have way more to play with and experiment. Your whole body is literally an erogenous zone if done right. Trust me, you don't want to be a man if it's for pleasure, you'd be disappointed.

| Try chair

| >she doesn't ride her washer and dryer

| Ride or die, remember?

| >>887857 real shit. women know how to make women feel good. men don't even know what an orgasm is

| shampoo bottle,soap bar,baseball bat,m15 buttstock,ps4 controller,table edge,cucumber,eggplant,zucchini,peanut butter and dog,your brother,shower head,sweet potato,katsuobushi,hammer etc etc

| >>887857 fr

| I know a guy who is half decent with his hands. Want me to hook you up?

| >>887880
sounds like circumcised problems, my boyfriend says the same thing

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This thread is permanently archived