Ever searched for porn in YouTube

| Ever since I was a little kid , I'd literally search up something that's related to sex and it'd have a result and thus awakening my addiction to searching up sex stuff in YouTube. And an example being those weird M.u.g.e.n games.


| -9

| I have asked the neural networks to generate me sexual stuff and then jacked off to it

| I've never tried looking for actual segs vids. But if all you look for is bobs and virginia, you can easily find it mostly in form of nude mod for games like dead or alive or resident evil.

Also a few R-18 MMD dance has actual nudity. Just save vids that you like, most of them will be deleted if enough people report it.

| It's so easy to find when you know the right searches
Though most of them get taken down over time and then you have to find new ones
The most consistent one is R-18 MMD
I wonder if YouTube ignores those on purpose

| There was porn on YouTube around 2016-17 under the name of 'New Lunar Moon' where the video itself was a constantly changing a background while a small square consistented of the porn itself.

There was also yaoi and yuri at one point but not regular hentai... hmmm.

Apart from that, you can now find people playing porn games with different amount of censorship, mostly pixe-art.

If you look with the right keywords/feed, you can change the algorithm to feed you the stuff.

| I remember how i find video "Minecraft anime" with Creeper, that was sexy for me... In 2015

| It's good to look up by dates for example June 24 2022
You'll stumble upon videos sent by kids and retards
You might find CP though.

| >>874458 24!!!

| Once I found professional softcore porn of a woman masturbating and the title was something along the lines of "please pray for this girl" and all of the top comments were like "i hope this girl can recognize the sin of her ways and find jesus" but it was fucking porn on youtube! I don't remember what my search terms were. I think I may have been about 16 at the time and I thought that it was strange.

| >>874681 looking back at it now its pretty funny that someone posted straight up professional sofcore porn onto youtube and sort of got away with it. IIRC that shit had about 100k views when I saw it.

And yeah, I jerked off to it.

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