Cock dick penis cum

| Cum
Fuxk me in the ass and fill me up with cum

| Pussy only. I'm not sinning by wasting seed.

| >>873407 you swallow all seeds? Including watermelon's and durian's?

| >>874164 I'm not anon but I eat apple seeds sometimes

my mom likes to buy sunflower seeds and they are pretty good.

Have you ever tried to eat an avacado seed? they are tough.

| >>874675
Have you tried soaking your avacado seeds overnight, like beans? It usually works really well for me.

| I love sex.

| Let's try to stay on topic, g/u/rls.

I can't get pregnant, but I'd love it for somebody to do their best to impregnate me anyway and fill me to overflowing with hot frothy cock dick penis cum.

| >>875221 I'm going to impregnate you with this monster futa cock, and if the laws of biology and physics have to say anything about it, I'll fuck their mouth too.

| >>875224
Ahn~ yes please~ <3

| i wanna get mouth pregnant with mouthfuck chan's seed

| Cum is tasty

| Cum on

| guys

| why do you cum?

| >>876560 FOR JUSTICE

| Cum Justice! I wanna see that bitch!

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