Nya~ Nya~ Kon'nichiwaaa (.>ᴗ<)/ Trans Catgirl here reporting for kawaii~!

| My Uterus transplant got infected and exploded during sex with my Senpai! Waaaa >_< Baka organs, womb-womb go pop pop boom ! (⌟╭╮⌞,) I'm in the hospital slowly dying in agony~ itai!~ AMA~ ^•ᴥ•^!

| lol

| >senpai's magical cummies weren't enough to heal an artificial catussy
Fake and gay

| lol

| slowly dying in agony from internal bleeding is really cute actually

| Imagine having to tell your family that you went to the hospital because you are so bad at sex, lol

| Bait thread. Do nkt participate

| Not*

| Trans cat girl? Earlier it waz a dog girl?

| >>873278 transition from dog to cat

| >>873314 whats next which fuxking canine is up on the list

| >>873402 rat, then a mice.

| >>873404 anď next?

| >>873408 (You)

| >>873513 And next?

| >>873589 you're

| >>873607 And next?

| Nudes or lying

| lol

| Trans people be like "Hmm, today I must shove something in the scar where my penis used to be to prevent the hole from healing".

| >>873891 not me, i kept my dick out of consideration for your mom

| >>873904 I kept my dick out of consideration for your ass <3

| Keeping the dick is the only rational thing to do. Futanari >>>> everything else

| >>872939 fuck, that so stupid, but cute

| >>874437 cute dead
die for cute

| -9

| -9

| -9

| -9

| -9

| seriousky, is -9 the new i love sex or what?

| >>874648 -9

| >>874648
Pretty much, it's the hot new danger/u/ meme. Give it a week and only a few dedicated posters will still be using it, like I love sex, theg, fuck your mouth and stab you.

| Fug ur mom, hail the Bum

| >>874648 too forced

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