i finally managed to take a baaaaad dragon in my ass.

| It hurt the first time, ngl. all those doujins and memes weren't kidding about anal and relaxing your ass muscles being a pain in the ass (hurr hurr) but today i decided to do it a second time, and it seemed to slip right in.

i'm riding it in my computer chair but if i get up it slips out. i guess dildos aren't exactly like buttplugs in that regard.

i also *think* i may have gotten a prostate orgasm for the first time? no idea.

| Good job! I'm really happy for you, g/u/rl~ <3

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| Good bitch. Take that dragon.
Do a little bounce in your chair for me~~

| >>872917


| pics or it didn't happen

| Good job, g/u/rl~

Now drop a PO box and I'll have a 40 gallon drum of lube delivered to you.

| >>872917
Don't fucking furrytalk me, no touching your dick for a week as punishment.

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| >>872946


| >>872946 holy fuck she missed and chastitied herself lmfao

laughing frog image

| OP do you have any advice? I have been trying anal and I can't even get my tiny 1.5 in small buttplug in.

| >>872946 epic samefag moment

| >>873112 what worked for me in the beginning was to finger myself in order to relax the muscle. It also helps to "take a shit". Not actually shitting, just the same muscle movement which widens the anus.

| >>873112 start smaller work up to 1.5
If you get a set that's like 1, 1.25 ,1.5 you can use the small one to help relax by putting it in then pulling it out and holding it on the widest part for a bit then when it's easy to go in and out size up, it'll still be a little bigger than you can take so do the same thing just before the wide part and just before where you start to feel uncomfortable remember pain is a sign you're doing something wrong, too fast or not enough lube

| Also 1.5 is usually considered medium not "tiny/small" :p

| And large is like 2 inches plus which you've gotta be pretty dedicated for

| Goatse thread

| >>873182
...is that so? I managed to handle 2 inches pretty readily...

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