Masturbations skillshare thread 3!

| Still don't know what happen to the original

| whats masturbations skillshare?

| >>872150 this is a thread where you share your skill, technique or tips about masturbation with fellow gurls

| Uhh I just rub it until I lose consciousness.

| >>872282 oh yeah, it's all cumming together

| Anyways, roll up a towel with you hand in it to make leave dick sized hole, insert a latex glove in it, add lube and then fuck it.

| Oh and if possible, find a big pillow to cuddle while doing it, feels a lot nicer with something to hug.

| Use your middle and ring finger, not your index and middle finger!

| Insert buttplug

| try finger,
but hole

| If you're really into it you can use two thumbs.

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