reject horni

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw2RzWaP5Nc

| But I wanna get in Ame's guts tbh.
Then afterwards we could pillowtalk about her cute autistic obsession of terrariums and fish tanks.

| I love this cute dork

| yeah I'll definitely reject horni because this ain't POMU. how do you expect me to feel anything from non-Pomu vcunt??

| >>871007 Pomu is not popular anymore.
Hakunamatata Salome owned her.
Cope and seethe.

| >>871075 motherfucker, I've been dying to say this for awhile but how the fuck she get to 1M in 2 week? Yeah I've been cope and seethe for awhile now, I even swore to never watch another vcunt in my life too. the worst part is that I would have watch her if she didn't get this big in 2WEEK fuckkkk I hate vtubinggg ohhhuhohihihjgtdyixitc. I can only nut to Pomu stream anyway holoshit can't even make me hard

| >>871094 it's okay, everyone is still a little confused on Salome's numbers, I don't really know either.
Please excuse my rude comment, it's okay if you enjoy Pomu.

| >bonks because horni
>gives us upskirt
Didn't know she was a tsundere

| Ame is the worst Holo singer god why is she still so bad

| >>871728 how dare you talk about my oshi like that?

| >>871728 Fuck you and your stupid dumdum mouth! Ame can sing "Kiss Me" with more heart than an Antarctic blue whale!

| >>871940 How about you kiss these nuts?

| >>871940 Ame can sing with more passion than anyone else and still sound worse than a chronic smoker with the worst hungover ever

| Sex

| you niggas need to be in straight-jackets

| >>871075 ngl that is the best misspelling of her name so far. Fuck you tho, Pomu desuwas better and this is a fact

| >>872211 it's okay, now I accept both Pomu and Salome. And yeah hakunamatata salome is pretty funny lemao

| Horny is the only distraction from the despairing reality of being alone even together with other people
The only way to forget everyone will just leave me behind again as always
I wish I could be always horny and foget this world that always lets me down

| ^ cute

| >>872703
Cool. Anyways... *fucks your mouth*

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