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| >please help me my hand got stuck in the garbage disposal when i was cleaning ,^o^

>[rip panties off n have ur way]
>[turn on garbage disposal]

| >[all of the above]

| Сломать колени

| Is this gatbage disposal a thing I'm too european to understand?

Also: >rip her panties

| Punch her face

| rip panties off n turn on garbage disposal

| garbage disposal THEN panties after imo

| >rip her panties
>clap cheeks no protection
>turn on garbage shredder
>she recoils so fkn hard
>pussy clamping like vice
>dick being squeezed like that last bit of toothpaste in the tube
>cum so hard I have a stroke
>she's still stuck and very irate
>i'm literally dead from omega nut
>9 months later she'll have my baby if someone ever comes to help her

| >>871199 fuck yeah, this is good shit

| >>870908

I choose:

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This thread is permanently archived