It all fucking over

| I'm the OP that made a thread about finding a 25yo OL big sis a month or two ago, fuck me I'm 22 today it's too late at this point, I'll only be 3 year younger than my 25yo OL sister and 4 year older than 18yo jk?? This is it, what the point anymore. please I love being 21 let me stay 21 pleaseee

| OP. don't worry. if you miss your chance to find your 25yo OL oneechan by the time you turn 25, you can be a 25yo OL oneechan for someone else.

| Realize that happiness in the real world rarely stems from idealized scenarios and arbitrary goals pushed on to you by society. Stressing about your age while so young is hilarious. Happiness will come to you in subtle, boring moments. You might only realize it later, so I'm telling you this.

| >>870953 I'm not reading that. I'll continue to believe in the inherently problematic idealized identities of over-sexualized beings like 'onee-chan'.

Okay I did read it. good point(s).

| Mommie milfus

| Titties sissies segsi seggs

| Relatable. My dream is to neck myself at age 30 if I haven't achieved an oneesan threesome. That way I get isekai'd to a fantasy world where my mother, five big sisters, and three of my aunts all want to snusnu the everloving shit out of me. I'm optimistic :)

| >>870953
Agreed, this worry about age is hilarious.
Seriously, most OLs are christmas cakes. The majority marry before 25 and become housewives. Stop worrying about age so much, it's bad for your health.
The good news is that you will stay 21 forever, at least in your mind.

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