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Nothing is hotter than beating up menhera

| Literally better than sex

| Stop! We need to fix them instead! Okay, look... Sometimes maybe you give them a push down the stairs. Sneakily, of course. Y'know, just to keep them dependent on you. If you bruise them up too often it only makes you look sus. Be smart.

| Seek help and employment.

| Menheras need rape correction imo

| >>866915 please bruise me up as often as you need. you don't have to hold back, I'll stay.

| >>866915 dependent on me?? God no! That what ppl who never have to deal with their BS would say, do you know how much time you need to just to not make them go slicin?? Especially the one that keep talking about making something is so damn annoying! They always giving up in like a month, It's pissed me off so much. The best way to deal with them is just lure them in then dump them ASAP! Had your fun and fuck off is the best thing to do fr. Keep them around and is just annoying

| >>867016 I got you, b. Just make sure you do your makeup real good to cover it up. Remember. If I go down, YOU go down.

>>867043 It ain't for the faint of heart, kiddo. We do this because it's what they need. What we crave. Shit gets real bad? Good. You weather that storm, because the feeling of nursing them back to sanity only to see them fall again is intoxicating. Two types: submissive thrall or utter deadweight. Spot the difference early on. Curate. Much less annoyance.

| Kill yourself, op

| >>867078 okay, but I still really like leaving them on their own to die in modern day wilderness, plus I get to see another "unique" one with difference problems way more.

| fr tho I kinda wanna try that way too, but with my current responsibility having to monitor them would be really hard

| Why Menhera is a meme actually?

| >>fb9ec4 because shes just like me

| I swear last one was the last but here I am getting another time drain
family issue creature with depression. It's really like a drug, once you try it going back is pretty damn hard. Don't do drug g/u/rl

| i love rushia

| >>868253 I love her too, despite her being the menhera queen

| Why bother beating menharas when the agency would do it for free?

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This thread is permanently archived