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How do I fall in love with an Alt Girl??

| There's been a fairly decent amount of alt girls on my campus and classes and there's one in particular that I've managed to befriend. She doesn't seem to have many friends and only ever talks to me with the classes we're both in. I think she's a lovely person and would like to get to know her better but how did I communicate this without picturing myself as a person who seems to only like the aesthetic/fetish?

| I know this is a bit late as the school year is over (we're both attending the next year) and I was thinking of inviting her to hang out over the summer... Only that might sound like I'm asking her out??

| Invite her to some kinda event that you both have interest on? Or create the event?

| Pizza making parties are seriously underrated.

| Okay I'll invite her over to do something at my place but that sounds a bit scandalous. Pizza making sounds fun so I'll try that along with something else I come up with. She might like video games, but I'm not entirely sure of her interests, past art related things which is the issue.

| You got this, fam

| Asking a girl to hang out isn't that weird. I wouldn't invite to my house right away as it may make it feel awkward for both of you. I'd choose some place, event or activity where you both can have fun, for example rent bikes in a park and cycle together, invite her to a local concert (gotta know some nice musicians that play at your town/city though), go to an escape room quest together and have a walk after, for games there are anti-cafes you can go to.

| >>865210 send her cuty pictures with kittens. this should work in the first stages

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Luckily I haven't asked her anything yet, I'm still trying to figure out what to do but I'll try a fusion of asking to going out and then stopping at my place.
We send each other memes frequently and yes they involve cats most of the time lol.

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Just impress her with your awesome knowledge of 1970s punk bands that set the way for the entire goth subculture. Worked for me~

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