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Powerful cum pheromones

| That's why I've been blasting ropes into my boxers before I talk to a cute girl. I know it sounds fucking stupid, but I'm onto something. My New Year's resolution was to get better at talking to the ladies and I chickened out a lot at first. Then I came across an article about retaining seed for power or some shit. Well, why retain power? Hell, I need all the help I can get. Why not extract that power to attract women?

| So yeah. I've been cumming in my underwear without cleaning it up. As a result, I feel more confident, almost fearless. I know that if I approach a hottie she'll smell my masculine musk and, subconsciously, something will set alarms off. Her female brain won't have any choice but to recognize how potent and irresistable I am. And I shit you not, it's working.

| In the last half year I went on five first dates. Haven't had any followups yet, but this is progress! I realize how nuts this sounds.. that my nut is like a babe magnet, but bro... try it out. Hand on god you will graduate from inceldom. I just know I'll find a gf before this year ends! You can too!

| >And I shit you no, it's working.
>Havent had any follow ups...
My Anon in Christ, they were in it for the free meal and smelled your rancid boxers and noped tf out.

| this paste is just delectable

| >>865025 Naw I made sure to wear clean undies just to keep unloyal hoes from bothering us. Plus one of my dates still texts me back. She's bad at conversation tho. One word replies all fucking day. Maybe shy.

| OP, you should try stopping wearing deodorant as well. To increase your pheromone level.

| >>865062 Tried it. Horrible idea. Was watching Joe Rogan and found out he don't wear deoderant or cologne so I tried it out. Baaaaad idea. I sweat like a hog especially in humid ass Florida heat. Maybe there are pheromones in my B.O. but the smell of my rank ass literally stung my nostrils. Now I'm back to choccy Axe. Sometimes Ole Spice.

| >>865060
>bad at conversation-one word replies
Yeah buddy... I got news for you

| >>865073 You think she's shy too? Was kinda losing interest tbh but maybe I need to keep pushing so she can come out of her comfort zone. I used to be the same, man. The big cum energy I've recently fostered has really opened my eyes to say the least.

| >>865137
Uhhh sure you can say that I guess.

| Fake and gai

If your cum really has powerful pheromones, then all you need is to cum on a tissue in your bathroom/bedroom before going to date. The smell should last through out the whole date.

Even better, you cum on a mask, force her to wear it, and she'll be your sex slave.

| >>865183 I volunteer as cum mask sex slave trial attempt

| >>865179 Alright homie. Whatever works for you. I'll give you this, the girls down here would def think that's super gay or maybe European.

>>865183 1st part sounds retarded af, 2nd part sounds genius. Really, I could kiss you right now. Convincing a cute girl to go out in public with your odorous cum in her mask is a serious gigachad strat. Props.

>>865229 Yo lemme slide in them DMs! Discord??

| hygiene said bye

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