House at 9AM

| "It's morning! Wake up!"
How immature!
"You stupid disciple! Wake up! It's morning!!"
>"Good morning, master __!"
"Geez... Good morning! ♥️ Now let me take care of your morning wood so we can get started with our training!"
>"Hahahaha, you're still the sexiest and sluttiest around. You're so supid... I reall admire you!"
"Geez! That's natural for a teacher! It's nothing to praise me so much for!"

| >"Impressiiiive. Oh hey, sex alarm clock! I'm gonna fill your womb soon, so make sure you take it all!"
"Oh, of course! ♥️ Please do!"
>"Oh dear, did you just cum, master?"
"Oohooh!♥️ I... I didn't! I didn't cum! Y-You foooool!♥️"
>"Impressive master! You have such strong endurance! Pfft... HAHAHAHA!"
"Haah!♥️ Haaaah!♥️ Okayyy, come on now... Let'sh go train ash hard ash we caaan!♥️"
>She's still totally hypnotized, no problem... Hehe, thank you!

| "One! ♥️ Two! ♥️ The bandage! ♥️ Is rubbing against my pussy! ♥️ Ah, cumming! Cumming ♥️!"
>"Wow, I'm impressed, master! You're masturbating so furiously first thing in the morning... You sure are working hard, hehe."
"Mmh!♥️ This is nothing, it's natural for a teacher! I'm training my mind and body together by cumming fifty times every morning just like you told me!"
>"Hahahaha! You're so sexy and gullible, stupid master!"

| >"Excuse me master, I can't do kanpu masatsu by myself. Pleaes help me!"
"Good grief, you're helpless. I'll help you using my whole body."
>"Then please suck it first, stupid master __!"
"Yesh! ♥️"
>"Ooooh! What an amazingly pathetic blowjob face you're making, I expected nothing less of you, master!"
>"Whew... I came. Hey, __! Show me how much I came by spitting it out and cupping it between your boobs!"

| >"Hmm... That's quite a bit, hehe. Alright, master! I'm going back to sleep, so please do whatever by yourself until you cum 50 times!"
That night.
"Now please allow me to begin my nighttime sex slave training. ♥️ I've been looking forward to it! ♥️"
"Ahah!♥️ You look energetic already!♥️ Okay... ♥️ Please fuck my brains out, okay?"
>"Take it! Cum! Get pregnant, __!"
>"You're mine! You better be thankful I'm impregnating you, you slut!"
"Oooh!♥️ So rough! I'm gonna die!♥️"

| "Pwah! ♥️ I love kisshes, give me more!♥️"
>"Now lose your mind by getting creamed inside!"
"Thank you so much! Thank you for blessing me with your precious semen, my dear disciple! I'm truly luckyyy!♥️"
>"Whew... We really fucked hard. Hahaha, look at that belly!
"S... Save... Me..."
>"Oh what, do you think you're doing, starting to break free of the hypnosis? As punishment, I'm gonna put even stronger hypnosis on you from tomorrow onwards, so I hope you're ready."

| Half a year later... Horse stable.
>"You look great together, master. You found such a nice husband!"
Save me! No stop...!
"Yes! I __ am going to become this wonderful horse's bride! After this I'm going to have sex with him until my life is over! ♥️"
>"Honestly, it seemed dangerous how you looked like you might break free of the hypnosis, master. So instead, just stay here and have your mind broken by a horse. Please be happy with your new life!
No, have mercy! Somebodyyyyyyyyyyy!

| OP, you're fucking edgy piece of shit.

| Multiple grammatical errors. Though gave me a 1/4 of a mast. Would definitely recommend bringing it down a few notches at the beginning and start it off much slower. That way you can edge upwards to the full blown debauchery.

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