ass eating g/u/rls

| How do you do it? Does it smell? What flavor? What about surprise nuggets hmmmmm?

| but most importantly. why?

| I'm the scatman!

| >>859764 oh nyooooo stay away from my scat

| ya no ew

| i met a girl who was into it once.... i ran away

| >>859762
You clean it before you eat it

| >>859831 yeah but like... chitterlings still evoke a shit-tastic aura even when your great aunt prepped them with tender love and care. Assholes can't be that different.

And what if you ain't got time to clean it? I mean, how often do you draw out meticulous plans for sex? Sometimes it just happens. Maybe you're down there and horny af and the bootyhole lookin kinda cute when it's winking at you. Surely you scrum munchers have eaten dirty ass before. Don't lie to me.

| this thread made me remember about i dream i had years ago where each people had different tasting butts

| I never ate a donkey before so I would not know.

| ????????

| Dental dams. It's literally just a sheet of condom you can use for any oral sex

| >>859845
I only eat it if it's cleaned. And yes, too bad. Gotta go with a million other lewd options if you're horny right there right now and the butt isn't prepped.

| >>860064 Okay okay, but SURELY fresh washed anus still has residual smell, right? A tiny bit. Like. Even straight-out-the-shower cooch still has a gentle coochie smell. I know you ain't trying to say clean ass is odorless and tasteless. Come on... Give it to me straight, doc.

| >>860077
I have a pretty bad sense of smell so not an issue for me

| Btw, it's still me, my id just randomly changed

| >>860077 in my experience it smells and tastes a lot more like sweat than shit.

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