Is darker skin warmer by default?

| I have never ever met a person of other origin, however all the porn I've seen leads me to that their body temperature is higher from whites. Is it true? I really want to lick a chocolate person one day. They look tasty. Especially their brown nipples look so yummy!

| The one dark skinned guy I vibed with always had cold hands for some reason, so no, I don't think that's the case.

| No, but it does reflect less sunlight and will get warmer faster in direct sunlight.

| >>859507 That's about the only diffrence you may find in temperature netween races and ethnicities. There will be of course natural variance between people. For example some people will naturally produce alot more heat than others. Some people need a sweater at all times whilst others can go full on shorts,dead of winter whilst it is like 6┬░Fahrenheit with 20mph winds and be like "bro it's not that cold outside"

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