New Trade Offer

| You recieve:
One(1) Smooch

I recieve:
One(1) mating press

Accepting any alternative offers.

| How about one anal mating press?

| >>859398
So you want to pin my legs around my ears and pound my ass? Moaning in a confused mix of pain and pleasure? Even as I beg for you to breed me? If you promise to hold me as we drift off to sleep afterward, you'd definitely earn a tender kiss on the lips.

If other gurls have something to trade, I have more smoooches. <3

| Raise the number of smooches and you get as many mating presses as you want

| >>859394
>One(1) mating press
even a simple smooch/hug will do

| >>859394
But what if I want to mating press *and* smooch you?

| >>859394 what about 2 smooches, for 1 anal mating press followed with a mating press?

| >>859407
you drive a hard bargain. I'm interested, but I'm not made of smooches.

>>859422 >>859431
Just tell me when you're close to finishing. I've got a sloppy, passionate one for you, and I want to feel your tongue invade my mouth right as you're pumping your seed inside me.

sounds time consuming. deal, as long as you can pin me in place. I might try and squirm, and I want you to make sure I'm in the most embarrassing, submissive position possible.

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