F95zone like sites?

| I've gotten really into H-games but I'm a broke bitch so mostly get stuff from F95zone.

However they don't have everything so what other sides do you g/u/rls use to get your games without turning your or your PC into a public cum toilet for money?

| Gamesofdesire.com

| Hemdom

| For 3D games like Koikatsu, Custom maid, or honey select, I go to nyaa and find the repack for them.

For 2d game (mostly RPG maker games), I go to /hgg2d/ thread on 4chin. They have an ipfs which compiles translated games with the cover pic and download link. For newer games, you'll need to lurk and solve some puzzle.

No idea about visual novel

| The pain of finding what you want on Sukebei but no one is seeding the torrent files anymore

| I'm OP btw but new id

>>859484 Also this is based

| >>859684 except for one king from Japan who just pulled through for me WOOOOOO!

Remebere folks. Always seed

| Btw, does F95zone also work slow as heck for you?

| >>859830 my internet is slow in general but yeah it's a huge pain when a file is above 1GB then you just eat shit for the crime of wanting a proper H-game

| >>859878
My internet is okay but every page just literally takes a minute or two to load. Downloads are normal speed, the site itself is slow as hell for me for some reason.

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