Smoof legs!

| Holy shit! All g/u/rls need to shave their legs and the get in some blankets right now, it feels amazing :D

| >it feels amazing
my legs feel amazing after being shaved, yes
but i suck at shaving and touching them with blankets feels like razorburn
it does feel nice the next day tho :-)

| i need to shave my legs again today, I let my hair grow too much.

| okay but i actually hate shaving my legs. people keep telling me to tho. I caved a few weeks ago and still hate how it feels and looks. i much rather be a gorilla than a fuckin eel

| >>859092 if you don't like it, stop. the only reason I do is because I hate how it feels when it's grown out.

| All legs look better in stockings or hose, shaved or not

| I don't shave anywhere. I have 1960's type of bush

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