I wish you were here.

| I've waited so long, our relationship wasting away online. I want to see you, *need* to see you right here, to smell your shampoo faintly in your hair. Wasting no more time, to smash my lips against yours, forcing my way into your mouth with my tongue. I want to explore your body with my hands as our tongues grapple, tasting each other hungrily.

| >>858717
I shiver at the thought of you pulling away from the kiss, moving to nibble at my earlobe. In a voice, husky and barely audible, making out the phrase, "On your knees". I can already feel my knees weaken, as I slowly plant a trail of kisses down your breasts, down your belly, until I'm face to face with your zipper. I want to feel your fingers run through my hair as I swallow in anticipation, as I carefully undo your belt, and then your jeans.

| >>858718
Despite their tightness, your skinny jeans will do little to prepare me for my next sight; a sizable bulge, straining against the fabric of your black panties. I yearn to kneel before you, basking in the sight, in your smell, until the sound of your throat clearing and a hand lifting my chin directs my attention up to your smirking face. I taste the finger you slide into my mouth, and I suckle tenderly at it, a portent for what's to come.

| >>858719
I maintain eye contact for just a moment, until I feel your cock slap against my cheek, free from it's fabric containment. I will feel your finger retract from my mouth, and in it's place, I finally get my first taste of your shaft. I have waited so long already, *lusting* for this. To explore every inch of your cock with my tongue, hear your moans of approval as I tease and suckle at the head. I want to feel your fingers in my hair, feel you tighten your grip as you-

| >>858720
desperately fuck my mouth.

Above all, I can't wait for the moment where you approach your climax. I want to tease you as you teeter on the edge, squirming in pleasure. I want to kiss and suck on your balls, feeling their weight in preparation for release, as I stroke you slowly with my hand, *just* enough to keep you on the edge. Finally, I want to wrap my lips around your cock head and pump your shaft with my hand, bringing you over the edge.

| >>858721
I want to catch every last drop as I jerk you off into my waiting mouth. Only once your pulsing stops, and your head has been licked clean, do I finally swallow your cum, the load thick and sticky as it travels down my throat.

I wonder if I'll be ready next, when you tell me to bend over.

| *fucks y-
Fucking damnit. You've done it again.

| I wish I have fucked your mouth.

| I love sex.

| >To smell your shampoo faintly in your hair
I'm bald, inmersion ruined. Otherwise, 8/10

| >>858776 >>858853 >>858726

thanks g/u/rls. I need to write more (and longer) stories; glad you liked it

| >>859344 please do, you're pretty good at it

| >no cute sub to write out our sessions
I'll find them one day...

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