no motivation to post regularly

| no promise that anything will work either....what do.

| man aint this place slow it s killing me

| Then leave and never come back. We can do fine without complainers like YOU!

| You don't have to force yourself to post if you feel that it's not going to be a good post

| You could've made a spicy incest thread, but you decided to act like a little bitch instead. Pathetic.

| *fucks your pathetic mouth*

| >>858613 and you are clueless pathethic moron who got petty little faggots to do your work and rich parents to pay all your business. dogshit.

>>858645 cuz yer mum is a whore
>>858656 you got no penis which is basically your brain which we all can see here

| >>858707 I'm actually poor you dumb fuck. What's gotten you so salty anyway you lil' bitch? You think you're some hot shot here? That you run this board? Well you don't exist and you are worth less than a zero.

| I have a motivation to fuck your mouth

| bap

| you can't leave if we all take turns mating pressing you. Your move, retard

| Sounds like depression. Post your location and local /d/g/u/rls will be dispatched to trigger dopamine release in your brain.

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