Dog Girl

| Alright everyone, please observe this image and tell me what you think!~


I LOVE THIS DOG! ! ! かわいい!!!I want FUCK this dog so hard. She fills me with so much lewd vigor that my dick is twitching in excitement just imagining her stroking my cock with that lrwd mouth. I hope we develop hyper realistic robots someday that can fulfill all my desires. Goddamn I really want to fuck this dog! Do you understand my feelings? How do you feel about fucking a dog girl?

| OP here; sorry for all the mispellings I got too excited from wanting to FUCK this dog so much.

| OP here; Also just thought of it, here is the link to the artist just incase you want some more fuckable dog girls.

| maybe I am just tired... but it's just a blob, I can't tell where it starts and where it ends if it even has an end in the first place

| >>857778 furry /ban 1f9ad0

| ...so you want to fuck fat girls in masks? Because that, thankfully, is not a dog.

| >>42e1a6
You must have not seen that FUCKABLE dog. The image you describe is not this image above.

| Aww the tiny hat she's got there's so cute. That aside, that's up with the weener and the blue parallel rings? Is that just lipstick?

| >>63083d
It is lipstick, so lewd!

| OP, your taste is unfathomably poor. I'm glad you shared it with us. thank you!

| >>b9f9b3 You are quite welcome! ????

| ???? was supposed to be a dog emoji, then I remembered it doesn't work

| >>858496
Much like your pattern recognition and sense of taste.

| Maybe blueberry inflation is more your speed.

| >>42e1a6 Blueberry?!?

| Mmmmm dog grill

| *wags tail* woof!

| Not really feeling it... although I would love to powersmash Inugami Korone and her cool lesbian friend


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