Womb tattoos

| Women should have to mark themselves bas sluts for our use instead of playing games.

| Deja vu
Copy pasted thread

| NO! Womb tattoos should only be done out of a genuine feeling of love and devotion!

| Guys need a version of a womb tattoo. They're cool and I want one

| >>857414 lol ya what a weird thread to copy pasta

| We need temporary versions to use, for those of us who don't like needles.
And there's something erotic about painting on womb tattoos Ooh, or using henna ink!

| >>857660 nnngh imagine laying back while someone paints your lower belly with a small, soft paintbrush...

| >>857660 buys a yogurt that comes with those kids tattoo things...

| I have feel that only naturally dominant people have womb tattoo, change my mind "^^

| >>857897
Get one and we'll see~

| >>857914 i'm sub so i can't "^^

| >>858025
Then be a good sub and do as your dom tells you, and get one. You'll find that you 'dominate' the sub role, especially when I paint that tattoo white~

| womb tattoos are the advanced technique of shaving your pubes into a heart

| Been thinking a lot about this lately, and...

do you think a girl with a womb tattoo can be good wife material? Like ... Would my parents like her? Can she be a good mother to our 4 babies? What if somebody sees her womb tattoo? Does she have hopes and dreams beyond taking cocks like champ and gettin cumdrunk?? Do I?? Maybe not. but Is she mentally ok? Am I??

| >>858124
If she gets a womb tattoo just for you, then she'a a keeper.

| >>858148
This right here.

| >>858148 Ok, but what if she had a womb tattoo before you even met her? Hmmmmm?

| >>858431
Ask her why she got it, get to know her and if you both like each other and are compatible, get married and put the magic of her womb tattoo to good use and have lots of kids.

| >>858511 Holy shit I want that. Thank you wise advice g/u/rl.

| "In a society that forces all g/u/rls to get branded with slutty womb tattoos. All men get assigned a personal use toy for pleasure."

| >>858559
"In a society that makes all g/u/rls branded with slutty womb tattoos superior to men, all men get assigned as a personal use toy for women's pleasure."

| I actually really want a womb tattoo, they look so hot.

| >>859202
Get a short-term tattoo first, that way you can see how it looks and finalize the design. Then get a full tattoo of one.
And definitely share pics, to boast about it.

| >>858092 this is not how it works xd

| >>859482
And that's why you don't have a dom making your womb tattoo glow

| Isn't a 'womb tattoo' the same as a tramp stamp but on the front?

| >>859660 No because tramp stamps are always trashy

| >>859676 i still see no difference

| >>859660 >>859876
Listen here you little shi/d/, the only similarity they have is that they are both ink on skin. A tramp stamp is an invitation to fuck all their holes; it's an obvious flag for easy to get sex. A womb tattoo, meanwhile, is a hidden signal for creampies, impregnation and implied childbirth.
Tramp stamps are 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am'
Womb tattoos are wedding bells.

| >>859876 Fuck you and your stupid fucking retard mouth. How fucking dare you compare sacred womb seals to filthy street markings. You're a total cuntsicle and I sincerely hope you get mild anal fissures.

| >>857660 >>857743

Ok hear me out. What if instead of ink we go for more the tribal marking kind of look. Temporary but,in the process of breeding and impregnation a woman's womb. She will be fully adorned with a womb tapestry.

| >>859882 ...so, a tramp stamp with an extra step?

| >>859882
>Womb tattoos are wedding bells
this is your mind on porn addiction
never change, /d/

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