It is possible for me to jerk my g/u/rldick

| And what are your achievements?

| can I jerk it for you? UwU

| Knew this gurl once who started rubbin test cream on her cooch. Shit you not, she grew a fat clitdick about 6 or 7cm. When she came it throbbed like a real cock. Strange, but fucking hot.

| >>825683 Don't know the brand, but it was literally testosterone cream or gel maybe. She used it with a pussy pump too

| >>825681 >>825683 >>825686
This is so disgusting I am choking

| >>825681
Yeah, I've heard of this happening with trans men. It's kinda crazy.

| I've heard that growing a small clit-dick makes orgasms way more intense and last a lot longer.

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