Is it weird that I'm into a dirty, unclean blowjob kink?

| I have a g/u/rldick, and I'm into this dirty blowjob kink, that basically is about getting a blowjob while my junk is all dirty, uncleaned, and with all sorts of toxic and unsafe secretions, liquids, and pus.
I don't think I would actually act on it tho, but it's hot.

Is it weird?

| Yes, that is weird.

| >hazardous fluids
Wtf are you doing with your dick?

I get the stinky, sweaty, smegma kink... well... not really, but I've known people who are into that. But pus? Toxins? lmao

| Fallout penis

| The idea, yea, hot. Execution - eh.

| lmao by all means, corrose your dick for some sloppy

| Fermented dick

| Mf tried to fuck radioactive waste and now wants a bj lol

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