Singing during sex

| So let's say you can't afford a love hotel but there's a karaoke club
I think that's pretty self explanatory
Go in there and pick a song that requires a lot of singing
When you start singing proceed to have sex
Your partner can either sing by your side or keep calm
The staff won't suspec anything and you could possibly do it there without even closing the door

| I love sex.

| This is a terrific idea, but I regret to inform you that sex is closed due to theg.

| My buddy did this once, him and his partner both got caught through the cameras. When they least expected it (at their climax) they released the creature without them knowing.

| >>825382
Then you just need to hope that cameras are only at the entrance I guess
Hope for the best

| I've realised that this the premise to some crazy Japanese game show
Karaoke duets, whoever loses tune first, or cums first, loses, and the winner gets 10,000 yen!

| Round it up with a song that is about sex / sexuality, such as Cannibal Corpse - I cum blood, Asphyx - The Feeder, Lindemann - Gummi

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