Good foreskin hygiene tips?

| Whenever I jack off some cum sticks on my foreskin and stains my panties how to avoid that from happening?

| Stop cumming

| i use a nice well plied napkin like a kleenex to gently scour under the head and the shaft, get all the leftover stuff. Keep yourself washed daily and you'll be good!

| >>825223


| I had a friend that liked the smell of when I cummed in my boxers and just left it overnight. Said it gave my junk flavor and made her feel cumdrunk. So... find you someone who enjoys the stench of rancid dick puke.

Or just take a fucking shower.

| I've fallen into the habit of taking some alcohol-based (don't use any other kinds, they'll give you burns) hand sanitizer into a pipette - usually no more than 1ml - and injecting that directly into my urethra, then rolling my foreskin back up and let the liquids wash over my glans naturally.

It just works.

| I usually just bend over half way to suck and lick around the base of the head, making sure my tongue is in a sickle shape to get every nook and cranny. This should cause the left over secretion to gush out, making for a surprising tasty but salty lollipop.

| >>825226 best advice here, I imagine that type of stuff would be common sense but I guess people somehow believe circuncized people are "cleaner" so that explain it, whash yout dicks gurls.

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