Secret onahole delivery

| So I gotta send my boi AAron a sextoy. But if his grandmama opens the mail she might kick him out! She is VERY religious and has sent 3 of her grandchildren to "Pray the Gay Away" camp. Aaron ain't even that gay tho! Maybe only 33%. He just dresses nicely and likes manicures and shit. Sorry I'm gettin off topic.

Basically my pal needs an onahole because he has hyperspermia and is HYPERsexual. He can't stay out after curfew to get laid.

How can I ship a sneaky care package to him?

| Tell him to get a P.O. box

| I love sex.

| >>825083 I had thought about that! But Aaron lives in a small town. Everybody knows everybody. Don't think I can risk the post master finding out Aaron wants to fuck anime pussy. Good idea tho :(

>>825084 I love sex too.

| Just use your head. Get it? Haha blowjob lol stingray

| >>825086 sex toys usually ship in discreet packaging. many sites will even send it from a non-suspicious company name.

| Buy 2 for him, but put in the special instructions that you only want 1 for him and to use the rest of the money for extra-descreet packaging and that his mom goes through the mail.

| Become his personal onahole, he will appreciate that a lot more

| >>825150 >>825166 I will look into this discreet ninja packaging. My only worry then would be import inspection lol. Those Pentecostals in his town don't play around! I guess he could claim plausible deniablity tho ^^;

>>825130 >>825214 Ngl I would if I was gigahorny. Homie has a nice cock. But alas... we are thousands of miles apart

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