Today I masturbated 6 times

| Record of the year for now. What's your best score?

| Proove it

| Between 7 and 10? I wasn't really counting when I got that far.

| >Record of the year
It’s been 10 days…

| my all time pb was 11 but there's no way I'm gonna make it there again. Now I can only go for about five before it starts to hurt on a good day.

| Maybe some time in the past I did 6. I definitely did 4-5 though, and not once.

| Do you g/u/rl do this back to back or just in a day record?

| >>823584 I like to get it all out at once. Feels better and saves time. Idk how, but my refractory period is usually non existent. 4-6 is a normal Friday night. Max is 10 but I have no desire to try for more. Was not fun.

| Hm think max ive done is 5 back to back, but each has severely diminishing returns to the point where anymore is just self harm.

| If you're not raw and bleeding at the end, what is the point?

| I think 9 or 10

| 7 was my maximum, it starts hurting after that.

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