What is your sexual opinion about Milfs/Cougars/Mommys?

| What's up with being attracted to motherly ladies? I don't have mommy issues, yet I want a mommy gf. But not so she can take care of me. I can handle my shit just fine. I just want to cuddle with a milf who calls me pet names like good g/u/rl, sweetheart, baby g/u/rl. I'll make delicious homecooked meals and massage her tense body after a stressful day of work. I'll worship her. Maybe she's a little fiesty sometimes. I can be her pet if she needs. Or her stud.

Are mommy gfs real?

| They're real dw

| >>821196 But where? What must I do? I only get matched with other 20-somethings on dating apps. I just want a cougar to maul the shit out of me...

| Mating press

| Ohoho. It's always nice to see other g/u/rls inspired in my "sexual opinion" posts!

Anyways, back to the topic.
I personally don't have mommy issues, and don't enjoy the milf/mommy gf theme very much, but I can understand the appeal of it at least.
For some reason, milfs don't activate my dominant sense, and I feel that the milfs appeal more for the submissive inclined people.

I could enjoy when the milf are super extra submissive though, I prefer to be the one who is dom

| >>821213 It's a great format. Thanks for letting me steal it! :3

Yea, I just love the mommy aura. No preference over dom/sub. It's hard to pin down what even the "aura" is since everyone is different. I like the mental maturity and nuturing tendency, but a confident milf is just as appealing as a shy milf. I could see myself getting pounced on and soft-dommed. Or I could see myself taking control and subverting the dynamic of our age difference. Sheeeeesh. One day. One day...

| If you want to be pampered or whatever, you don't need an actual milf. RP with someone your age

| >>821258 This is true. I legit think ladies above like 35 are gooooorgeous tho. Mentally, aesthetically, emotionally. I got lots of respect and admiration for them. Fucking beautiful and wise. I don't mean to put milfs on a pedestal or anything. Just... damn. I love em.

| >>821221 You're welcome OP! Feel free to add more sexual opinion posts as you want!

Ohh yeah I can understand that! At least I know you're an extremely cultured g/u/rl.

| I don't fully understand the appeal of liking older people I feel it's just natural you start looking less pretty as you get older but I'm happy to hear there still will be people who'd like me once I become a MILF

Hopefully I'll learn to appreciate the look of older people as well, for as much as I wanna be a sexy cougar mommying over a younger girl, dumping her cause she turned 25 is just cruel!

| >>821672 Older people are absolutely sexy! Perhaps even more sexy. Personally, I tend to associate cute with youthfulness and sexy with maturity. Especially, if you take good care of your body, age only makes you more stunning. Imo. Basically, milfs are fucking rad. I really like girls my own age too, but loooord what I would give to have a mommy gf.

| Mommy milkers make me coooom

| They are nice I guess but milfs probably only want sex really if they actually do want anything to do with you.

| >>823244 I think there are some out there who want romance with a younger partner. My uncle's wife is a decade older than him. I guess he was technically a dilf when they met though. Not that I wouldn't mind a milfy fwb. Or a sugar mama. She can pay my tuition lol

| I always fapped to adult girls when I was a kid, they then were like twice of my age. Since then I've grown up and now they are still fappable, but now I am in the age thy were back then, and girls of this age still drive me up.

| I mean girls of my age and slightly older >>823551

| I also kinda like milfs now, but I guess I would only ever date girls of my age, or a bit younger on a few years. So it means I probable won't fuck anyone's mom any time soon :(

| My boy Dr Lando sums it up best

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