i want to be raped


| Same, But I always stab them first, So I never get to do it..

| You mean Graped? Like in the mouth?

| I love sex.

| Is it really rape if you’re wanting it. Or is it just the random person at a random time?

| Had an ex who held this fantasy. It made no sense to me at all. She didn't have a history of abuse or anything. Out of the blue, she wanted me to "abduct" her, degrade her, ravage her. I tried to play along, but she did too good of a job at acting. Tanked my mood the moment she started pleading and crying real tears. I legit felt sick and scared for her. We stopped to cuddle and she assured me she was okay, but jesus christ that was unexpected.

| >>820662 >>820695
On average, 1 in 4 women have a similar rape fantasy.

| >>820712 Damn that's wild. Really wild, wow.

| >>820695

you're a good person.

| >>820665 GRAPE was a saint of this site.

| >>820695 I want to headpat you

| >>820712 I'd take that with a pinch of salt these things are never exactly a world wide study just a couple hundred Americans. However yeah some studies even go as far as 61% (68% for NBs and 54% among men)

Funny thing one study I think asked "what if the other people isn't resisting" and then those numbers just dramatically fell to like 10%

| >>821365 isn't pretending* sorry

Anyhow OP come here and put this collar on I'll give you what you want you stupid whore!

| >>820663 Who says that you can't rape their stabbed corpse??
That is what I do, and I'm living a happy and satisfied life.

| >>821501 But I'm the one that want to be rape!

| >>821519 Stop trying to stab me then!

| >>821519 You should learn something about necromancy then.

| >>821524 *stab you*

| I have fucked your mouth. You are now raped.

| I want to rape! Teach me how to!

| >>823574
You asked for it, enjoy it

| Andin-don bun-vun-boo-bon

| 52.057488211504705, 23.148501109896745 The keys is under the 3rd empty plant pots

| >>825028 Didn't know Robert Paul Champagne was a g/u/rl. Nice.


| I want my trap gf to rape me

| Its more abt being dominated or whatever. Rape is not haha, but the way its broadly portrayed in porn may raise fetish like that. In general - ew.

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