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I only joined pedagogy uni cause I got a teacher kink

| IRL kids aren't hot so chill pref it's not that

However just like fuck I like the teacher aesthatic; miniskirts, glasses and elegant composure.

It's like all the things I don't have rn cause I'm slobbish, impulsive and emotional and that's how I picked a uni on a fetish. But I envy how cool, smart and sexy teachers can be.

Ofc not all teachers are sexy elegant MILFs but i wanna be the change I want to see in the world!

| I want ppl to call me professor and when I want someone to fuck me I can be an elegant dom teasing and playing with them instead of coming off as creepy and desperate to get fucked

Imagine dating a teacher and they give you some "special sex ed" and help you "graduate from your virginity". Sounds cheesy af but I'd wanna do that while giving my bf/gf pointers on how to make me feel good.

But yeah kinda hard because I never was the brightest kid and now I'm here studying didactics

| >the teacher aesthatic; miniskirts, glasses and elegant composure.
This never existed IRL.
>help you "graduate from your virginity"
Motherfucker you made this entire thread on the back of sadpanda mangas. I can *tell*.
I graduated in teaching so I can tell you as follows: just get into acting and cosplay instead of wasting your life for some cummies.

| don't listen to this dumb mf, it is absolutely the danger/d/ way to waste your life for some cummies

| >slobbish, impulsive and emotional
But, g/u/rl... these traits have the capacity to be sexy af too. Hand on the bible, I can verify that much.

Let's be clear here. You SHOULD waste your life chasing cummies. why tf wouldn't you?? Maybe start learning how to RP? It's a great way to explore new facets of your personality. Find a partner you feel safe with and dom the shit out of them or whatever. Might feel a little cringe at first, but you'll adapt and start having an awesome time.

| >>816809 bit too late now I'm already last year of uni

| Also nothimg against being laid back would love to spoil someone rotten just yeah I wanna be more collected and calm at least on my day to day. If you're really good I'd turn into a sobbing moaning mess but that has to come out naturally

Guess it's not just a fetish thing I just wanna have more control over myself and others, but the teacher fetish is part of it

Becoming a teacher isn't the worst thing as well so yeah, not like I don't wanna help people learn


| >>816812 Point still stands. You wanna be more confident both irl and in the bedroom? RP. Seriously. RP as a naughty teacher. A lot of people grow into new parts of themselves by pretending in a comfy setting. That shit is absolutely cross-transferable. As long as it doesn't go against your core identity, I think you can make it happen. Gotta start with someone you trust though. Share these thoughts with them, and I'm sure they'll be delighted to play along.

| >>816815 alright thanks for the advice g/u/rl will admit I'm not against that just as you say I need someone to trust

| Are you a boy or a girl though

| >>816804 I may be a hentai fueled cumbrain but I wasn't thursting over my highschool literature teacher for 4 years and her tight jeans skirt outfit just to hear you fucker tell me it ain't real! I had sexless granny teachers as well but there is hot MILFs in them schools and I'll be one of them you jackass!

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